Love List

About Me

I'm what all the other girls promised to be.. 
I do not party and that is by choice. I'm not anti-social, but I just have better things to do. 
I prefer to be alone and a lot of people mistake that for me ignoring them or detaching myself from the relationship. 
I love all kinds of music- especially classical and jazz and chillout moods. 
I love walking around in high heels in classy art museums, it makes everything more intimate. I love going to operas and movies. 
I am addicted to coffee, I have an odd obsession with chocolate soymilk. 

I am confident and aware. I have felt every possible emotion in life and it's just oh-so-joyous to feel again. But honestly it's what I live for. 
I love people who are profound and eccentric. I appreciate art and hardly use the left side of my brain. I adore photography and vividness. I am blessed to have very important and beautiful people in my life. My family and my best friends.

I'm really good at reading people."Why do u look so sad? You are but a muse. I find you to be quite an intrigue what is your name?"  Well..I am ELVAN. I have been described as "a young woman with a haunting soul." 
The stars say I am a Gemini. (22 MAY) passionate, clever, gentle.. easily bored. and yes sometimes stubborn ... In a world filled with the obsession of "fitting into a certain norm", I refuse and rebel against the idea. 
I make a niche for myself when none exists. And I actually know who I am and that resonates to myself and everyone around me. 

My passion is through the form of expression...I love creating and expressing my creativity. May it be in my makeup, clothing, painting, walk, smile, acting, or the use of my language. 
I believe that everything I have can dissapear in a second. Love, possessions, happiness and misery. 
I am down to earth, organic and energetic. I usually am not "all there" because I am in my own world painting pictures in my head. It is my way of "escaping reality". If you call my name I probably will not hear it. 
I enjoy reading, rain with the right touch of music, chocolate, making hummus, and intense conversation with my best friends and strangers. 
I will probably smile if you tie my scarf for me when its 17 degrees out and hold my hand. 

I expect the unexpected..and I like it that way. Everyday I grow stronger, intelligent and wiser; if the devil tried to tempt me with an apple in the Garden of Eden, I'd decline nicely and ask to see the wine list =)